Gurren Lagann Parallel Works #4 Bust Through the Heavens With Your XXX!

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In a steampunk wild west theme, Viral is a horse riding hero leading the oppressed beastmen against Kamina, riding Dai-Gurren as a roving bandit. I do not own this content it belongs to its rightful owners. This video is meant for entertainment purposes, no copyright infringement intended. All rights to their respective owners. Fair use.

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APerson DontKnow
Kamina nose looks different
Angel Gabriel
so... this is basically the episode 8 in the beastmen perspective
LMAO at 3:11
I honestly do not know how to feel about this. It feels so good and wrong at the same time
Caio Fabio
Best part 3:01
So wait is the first general they beat a baker in this universe?
Beastman propaganda?
Sideburns of doom
Ethan B
That is one durable horse
Tengen Toppa Viral Laughing
1:50 big ooof
Hall Hudson
Hello I'm Jordan
US propaganda, when Communism is shown as the bad guy when in truth it is the best and will prevail...
You know... Change Kamina to Roseuii... and this kind of similar to the beginning of the Antispiral Arc
Inferno blaze
Jacob Wathen
This probably happened in canon offscreen at some point. The reason kamina looks so evil is because it is through the eyes of Viral.
geeze that horse really is unbreakable
Omg, I loved this
LikeAMoose Productions
role reversal....
Little Hyena
Simon though how did he slide
Lord Ryū Reborn
Is Lordgenome the horse? It has his eyes.
This reminds me when kiryu fought yusei on the west too
Mad Panda
The way Simon slid tho. The Simon Slide. Ha!
Marcelo Luna
2:52 ;c perfecto
Maryu Daiku
This is crazy people. Really. Thanks.
This music though. You could watch grass growing while this plays in the background and it would still be the most epic thing ever.
Miguel nuñez
Monty Zaman
Love these shorts X3
Mr. Nargot
Anyone think this the anime version pf undertale. I've seen Gurren Lagann before, im just saying
Nicki Plague
Dafuq was with Simon? Rofl
Holy shit\nThat horse is unbreakable
Nicolas Thomas
It just got more strange
Nox jeal
que raro se siente ver que los personajes que admiras parecen ser malos :,v
Patrick Radcliffe
Adiena so hot!
Right Click
looks like viral also let all the generals die in this universe too
Sebastian Alejandro
that simon tho
Serena Sturluson
Viral was tasked with telling the Story of the Spiral Uprising however, no one said he had to be accurate about it.
Lol Kamina as a thug is the best
Team Dai Gurren Member
Simone finally learns his place and even if Kamina was evil I would still fallow him
reversed sides? this has to become a full anime, or a full series of OVAs
parallel universe where humans attack the beast men on the surface I guess
2:24 Look closely at that fish.
is this steel ball run
But why no evil Yoko or Leeron?
ray ramirez
I would honestly love for this one to be a full length special