Best Fight Scenes: Jean-Claude Van Damme

(Born Jean-Claude Camille Francois Van Varenberg) This Belgian martial artist is known for his perfect splits and incredible kicks. Jean-Claude Van Damme started out as a competitive Karate fighter and later lead a Kickboxing career winning all 18 of his victories by knockout. His first major film role was as Ivan Krushensky, the antagonist of the 1986 film “No Retreat, No Surrender”. But he would not reach international fame until portraying Frank Dux, the alleged real life underground martial arts champion, in the 1988 film “Bloodsport”. In 1989, he starred in another martial arts movie classic, “Kickboxer”, then cemented his status as a Hollywood action star with 1993’s “Hard Target”. Although now well past the peak of his film career, he has matured as an actor with 2008’s “JCVD” widely regarded as his best acting performance to date where he depicts a fictionalized yet earnest version of himself. Besides his background in Shotokan Karate and Kickboxing, Jean Claude-Van Damme has also trained in Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and even Ballet which he believes to have been far more physically demanding than his prior martial arts experience. He even won the bodybuilding title of “Mr. Belgium”. Here’s a compilation of my favorite Jean-Claude Van Damme fight scenes.List of movie featured in order of appearance:1. Bloodsport 2. No Retreat, No Surrender3. Kickboxer4. Universal Soldier: Regeneration5. Double Impact6. Universal Soldier: The Return7. (outro) Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning8. (outro) The Expendables 2Other notable films/television series include Black Eagle, Cyborg, Death Warrant, Lionheart, Universal Soldier, Last Action Hero (cameo), Hard Target, Timecop, Street Fighter, The Quest, Sudden Death, Double Team, Legionnaire, Replicant, In Hell, The Shepard: Border Patrol, JCVD, Kung Fu Panda 2, Assassination Games, Enemies Closer, Kung Fu Panda 3, Kickboxer: Vengeance, Kickboxer: Retaliation, Friends, and Jean-Claude Van Damme: Behind Closed Doors.

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Abel Castrejon
First fight of the video. Cut vs bulk
Ahs Oei
Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3? As who?
Aku Randelin
JCVD used to be in a pretty good shape, respect!
Alec Dillon
JCVD is one of my hero's, completely underrated, he deserves much more attention and fame than he got. I spent my childhood trying to do his signature splits kick. didn't work out so well sadly. plus, where is the fights from The Quest? those definitely deserve to be on this video.
Ali İmran KAZAN
Wow, how realistic (!)
AllSound Music
Bolo yen never do high kicks, because he is just a bodybuilder
12:25 Tiger Knee!
Jean-Claude Van Damme is so Dynamic. His Unique Fighting skills is pretty amazing to watch. he's my childhood hero as well just like any kids from the 90's here in the Philippines . specially in here In Mindanao.
Christian Charles
Bloodsport is classic, Kickboxer is classic. Lionheart good. No retreat no surrender is a horrible movie like street fighter.
Damn, He put cocaine in his eyes
Daniel Baker
my idol :3
Faissel Bouglouf
Je suis un grand fan de van DAMME 👊💪😐💪
Felix Hernandez Garcia
Antes de empezar la pelea el ledice a vandame tu batiste mi recor haora are contigo lo que hice con tu amigo
Gionnel Badianyama
forrest whitaker at 2:04 :D lol back then he was a simple extra
Hafiz Firliansyah
Bolo Yeung is Student of Bruce Lee.
Let's talk about JCVD a bit, as a martial artist. This video serves as a good example of the importance of direction and choreography in martial arts films. I think we can all agree that the Bloodsport fight is...quite silly. But also note that in the same era, he made No Retreat, No Surrender. Also a very silly movie, but for different reasons. But look at those fight scenes! Holy shit. JC moves like a lubed snake. He's a great martial artist that was sadly too often under-utilized by directors and choreographers, in my opinion. Imagine if JCVD went to Hongkong in the 80's and went for villain roles in Jackie Chan films instead? He would surely not be the campy legend that he is in the West today, but we'd see some stunning fight scenes, for sure.\n\nJC has done some of his best work after leaving the theatres and going straight-to-DVD/BD, especially in fight scenes. He had a great fight with Sean Adkins in The Shepherd, and I know I keep bringing up Universal Soldier III and IV, but he's great in those (also terrifying as FUCK in IV). I loved his villain role Expendables 2. \n\nJCVD is great. He's not the fastest fighter out there, but he still moves gracefully, displays flexibility and a great build at 55 years of age. But most IMPORTANTLY...he's a charismatic and entertaining actor.\n\nMake a vol. 2 and include the Volvo truck advert at the end ;)\n\nAnd if you make a Dolph Lundgren one, include the bit where he breaks bricks and massive chunks of ice on live television in Sweden a few years ago while singing, dancing and playing drums to A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley ;) I am not making this up.
Hugo Garza
No one gets Jc ...never has he touched me deeply than with the Jcvd monologue
Jamal Ashley
i love this compilation and i love JCVD
James Hellner
To bad Bloodsport was based on the delusions of Frank Dux
James Lin
I like how in his movies the asian guy is the big guy...
James Moore
Van Damme next to Bruce Lee... I started watching this incredible fight when I was 8 years old😘 very incredible and strong fight by Van Damme... But Bruce Lee number one best fighter.
Jason Huang
Is it me or this is so very slow compare to Jet Li, Bruce Lee etc.
Jesse Octaviano
0:55 forest whitaker
Jesus H Jordan
you can insult an of my childhood favorites but when someone speaks ill of JC, i take it personally lol
By far the best fight scene by Van Damme was when he was the villain in \
Man in the 90s him and Tim Daly has to be the best looking men in Hollywood!
Justas Kokanskis
I like blodsport
Kazuto Arase 荒瀬 和人
Gotta admit, 1:56 scared the hell out of me. If a guy suddenly rushed at you with that kind of look on his face, I guarantee you'd \
Kimi Mighty
can you make anime or animated realistic fight scene? fight scene without using powers.
King Bear Jr
I lowkey request this. Thank you man
LJ Sidwell
Just so we're clear, JCVD would tune Chuck Norris up. Flying roundhouse destroys standing roundhouse anyday.
Lama Créa
j'aimerais voir un duel en vrai de JCVD contre un champion de boxe thaï
Luc Warwick
Choreography was not realistic. More ballet than true fighting. Van Damme was a super athlete..made marshal arts look good
M y s t o g a n !
Maciej lukas
He best fight with Atilla Lionheart !
Manjana Ylli
🦁🦁🦁🦁💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💥💥💥💥💥💥💥triller 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤣🤣🤣😃????
Manu Christiaen
You can say many things about his acting, but JCVD’s techniques were good and well choreographed in the movies..
lmao these men just stand there and let him kick the ass, so fake
Messed Up Podcast
jean might just be the silliest badass I've ever seen lol
Munja Ns
Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Van Dame my favorite martial art actors they inspire me even today .
Márcio Rogério Santos Rogério Santos
Oi Oi boa noite tudo bem Márcio Rogério Santos como é que você está gata
Nate Landherr
You can tell he really, Really, REALLY, enjoyed Bruce Lee's work
Patrick Harrison
Lionheart has the best fights in my opinion
Pg TrAxX
At 8:24 is Trump in his young days as a referee
1:56 When you spot a gold scar
Programa Bem Bonita
Muito bom, Frank Dux começou bem agressivo a luta!
Raul Lopez
Sin duda el mejor el número 1° jean Claude van Damme.
Retrô Games Classicos
Mito !! Likeeeeeee !!!
Richard Hirviniemi
I just can't believe Van Damme would come back either?
Sabrina Inahuazo
Classic movies are the best
Santiago Maskaraque
Jean- Claude Van Damme Mon Ami..Actor y Maestro en Karate Shotokan Artes Marciales...El guerrero tarde o temprano deberá combatir, cuando lo hagas usa todo tu aprendizaje, usa sus codos, manos, rodillas, cabeza, piernas, porque un guerrero sabe que no solo su espada es la extensión de su espíritu guerrero, y cuando hayas vencido nada hay que celebrar, levanta y abraza a tu hermano guerrero pues te a dado digna pelea...y porque también es una guerrero Shalom..-
Sean M
Bolo Yeung is like a buff Jet Li
Severan Vallery
Here is my concept. \n30 years later Frank has passed on and life has continue for the brothers. Chad is now owner and proposed of many gyms and workout centers for both woman and kids. Alex has become a father and husband and has twin daughters(Wwe Nikki& Maria Bella) but unfortunately Alex past life catches up with him and in a fierce attempt on his life he is severely injured and wife rape and death is intimate. Daughters escape and seek the assistance and aid of Chad. Chad being still the selfish California boogie guy feels his fighting days has past him refuses many many times. But as Alex goes from terminal to comatose he decides to aid the female twins in the rescue of Alex.. Just like both universal soil died remakes and Kickboxer remake we can again see the whose who of past and present action Hereos.\nEspicially names like\nRousey\nM. Lopez\nM. Paul Gosseler\nS. Mitchell\nC. Rotherrick\nS. Kisugi\nJ. David Frank\nS. Hung
Shane Burke
Awesome! hollywood need to repeat like that movies! we miss them that style! but now we need also with Full HD and 4K! and again good Choreographed! Like if you agree with me that Hollywood can see the comment Pls!
where the hell is wrong bet !!!!!!!!!! :P
No clip from \
Takeshi Miyagi
all bolo has is a palm strike, his kicking ability is so limited.
Taylor Pack
They need to get him a few more movies for widely released, he’s too famous to not have bigger movies than straight to video, I wish he’d remake Hard Times (1975) movie with Charles Bronson, he’s play Bronson’s part perfect, hell he wouldn’t even have to talk much either
Tony Liu
i gotta admit, the No Retreat No Surrender fight looks greatly/better choreographed than Bloodsport and Kickboxer
Tony Smith
my idol\nthanks upload
Tyler Kloster
Lol man when i was a kid this ish was badass... now your juss like how did i think that was good choreograpghy
Uchawi Beatz Official
Jai White brought Van Damme to round kick school in the Universal soldier. Great fight
Ukrainian Stallion
Van Damme Fan
Best Van Damme Movie ever!!!
Welcome To My World
I heard that Johny Cage was based on him. I see the resemblance. I’m gonna go buy a few cups now.
Yuri Boyka
Great video!!!
Yōjinbō 用心棒
van damme vs michael jai white was great. Hard to believe especially since MJW only became more popular only many years later after the movie was made.
Zamzami Zami
Keren nice
Van damn only lost because he is the bad guy, so they make the good guys win but in life he would’ve kick the shit of that kid in the end
ace subspace
regeneration is still the best action movie ever sequenced
Van Damme, C. Chan, Arnold, S. Stalone Best from 90`
Jean he's my childhood hero. Lion Heart, Bloodsport (Frank Dux in this film), can't recall how many times I've re winded the VHS tape in my childhood to watch the movies over and over again......
camino kid
No retreat no surrender is better though probably his best
Jean-Claude Van Damme is the best!
Always feel sorry for Bolo. He's always the bad guy, and always gets the tripes beaten out of him. I believe he and Bruce Lee were good mates off screen.
Back then they kicked you so hard it replays multiple times
Bruce Lee was the ultimate martial artist no doubt.. but, if you grew up in the 90s, Bloodsport was the one movie that inspired us all. I saw it when I was 10 and I still like it today.. a true classic!
jerry valalencia
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who hasn't started to train a martial art because one day you watched a jcvd movie and said \
Johnny cage
mc montanaofficiel
Why did they waste these guys in Star Wars?! They could've been epic bad guys/good guys in the movie!
paduraru paduraru
Van Damme , mie mea placut si in rolurile negative ,a avut mare experienta mare , a fost actor deosebit de bun , foarte talentat in arte martiale , si foarte bun sportiv .
patrick wasike
The choreograph in blood sport is childish
Van Damme was and still is one of my favorite childhood icons from back in the day. My favorite movies besides No Retreat, Bloodsport and Kickboxer include:\n-Universal Soldier\n-Double Team (this one was really fun)\n-Knock Off (kinda silly, but still fun. Love anything where he gets to go to Hong Kong)\n-Double Impact (my brother and I love this film so much. We always pretended to be Chad and Alex! I was Chad, my brother would be Alex)
reneir jumiller
Blood Sport,Is not a simple sport.
sol paurillo
.. Scary but I strust van dame he win this fyt.
The Bloodsport final match was so great because it wasn't the hero getting beat up and finding a way to win at the end. Van Damme's character was the best from the get go, and it wasn't particularly close save for the cheating.
xXKing GhostXx
They make this fight look so fake
yudelka polanco
Amo esas patadas
Любимый Богом
В \
Миша Яковлев