10 FORBIDDEN PLACES Youre Not Allowed to Visit

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! Since childhood, many of us have had the dream of travelling through the whole world. And that's quite easy, if you choose some common tourist destinations. But there are places on our planet which hardly you are going to see with your own eyes… well, if you're not ready to give up your freedom, your health or even your life. So, here are ten places you'll be never, ever allowed to visit.

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How dare you play the WALKING DEAD LEE DEATH THEME!!!
you forgot Antarctica, you cant go around the whole world because its flat.
Ailín Ó'S
Saint Patrick needs to go to that snake island in Brasil.
Alan GG
What happens if a gang of Indian's go in the Tribe's territory with guns and kidnap every one and bring them to the real world
Amir Dalal
0:26 is it just me or does the island look like batman?
Andrew Ornelas
This is great. Never knew about these places except Area 51.
Andy R
I bet one of them is Kim Jong Un's room...
Ari Gee
Oh try stepping foot in Mecca if u not Muslim
Arielle Hall
those people in the beginning reminded me sooo much of 😱Green Inferno😰
Austin Wise
the walking dead music was a great touch.
Jai hind
Mount Weather!! What?! (The 100 fans know what I'm talking about )
Bradly TheRadly
In the Roman era when ancient Rome was in it's prime they use to banish people to remote islands and just leave them their. What if that north sentinel island is just the remnants of a couple of Roman citizens that were banished that started a family but could never escape. Then after generation after generation in a timespan of a thousand years they slowly forgot their manners and origins and just slowly reverted back to primal beings
Chanel Phelps
2018 anyone
Charles R Hayden
the svalbard vault was flooded recently due to the melting arctic
Crystal Clod
Okay legit, how do people even GET into north Korea!
Daniel D
send a drone over the islands... Full 4k video.
Daniel Romeo
I would've never guessed I can't go to a forbidden place. Thanks bro!
Wait did i really heard Mount Weather? Like in 'The 100' tv show??
Number 1 why don't they just storm the island and take it.... Like that's murder killing people because you want to be isolated. That's why then still run around with sticks.
Dexter Ong
goverments have to stop weapons already! they may create war
That first island just throw a huge bomb at it by a plane and (DONE)
Divine Music
you forgot antarctica
Dragon-Lord Ember
Poveglia Island isn't completely forbidden, Ghost Adventures got to investigate there once.
Fake Account
You said after the 7/11 attacks at 6:40 I think I meant 9/11
If I am right, there is somewhere a church located with all kinds of documents in the basement, nobody may visit there.
My fridge
the most terrifying thing on this list is that snake island. Brazil's government should've dropped nukes on those legless bastards.
Gamer Regular
Why there is a sad music lol
Garrett Hampton
Walking dead game theme song sad
Get baited Matey
My dads half brothers friend used to work in Area 51
Goku The Type of Nigga
2:15 \
Sea Island Georgia is a gated Island the past 15 years. they can freely travel through my Island st. Simons Island so they can get to the mainland. they use taxpayers dollars for the general upkeep of the island. these are the same people that want open borders. billionaires on a gated Island.
mount weather is in the tv series \
Inertia Fantasm
In other words.. To go wherever you want, become the president.
J Mengele
i spent the night at Poveglia Island haunted as hell but fun should try it some time
Jacob Candelario
the first one is crazy
Jacob Celestine
Why u got the walking dead theme song
Jacob Frye
Vault 111
Jam _
#1: my room
Jasmine Masters
Do 10 things Humans shouldn't do
John Lane
do 10 reasons why Pokemon should be in real life.
first off, man has been here only 7000 years. The flood of Noahs day was around 4000? years, and don't fool yourself anywhere there are humans there have been visitors already. The sentinel people probably all have smartphones.
Julius Kang
KawaiiCupcake AJ
Your aloud to visit area 51. well some parts of it some parts I THINK is still secret. But I dont really know for sure..
Kevin Lopez
Ilha da Queimada Grande is 21 miles off the coast
Kyle MacLellan
Pfft Area 51 was used for the moon landing and they don't want anyone to see any similarities they may have shown on the moon landing lol
Lil Bruvva
Does anyone else think the background music sounds like a song from the walking dead game lol
Malte panduro Idk
Area 51?
i assure you australia is not hiding aliens.
Almost 500,000
McCarthy Gaming
U missed one place....My mums room
Milos Djordjevic
Movie on 4:34 - 4:38?
Nikita The Husky
What's the music? I've heard it somewhere where before
there is alot of forbidden places in the world mate.
Peter Taylor
How come \
Piper Tipurts
Snake island... deadly natives... anthrax island, most of these places, I don't WANT TO visit, they don't need to ban me.
what instrumental name song was in this video
Pokeunicorn 5p8
That one thats in Australia its near Alice Springs im pretty sure or at least something that looks identical because when we were on top of a memorial hill back in Alivce I saw that exact thing but idk
Quinn Gauder
#11 - the mind warehouse
what about Chernobyl in Ukraine
Ryan Powell
No Chernobyl?
We are not free in this world
Shaun Herman
The Walking Dead soundtrack !!!!
Sports Fanatic TV
Didn't some guy get killed to that island just a few weeks ago
Umm during 9/11 the president went to offut air force base not the last one
Steve Mack
What a shame; they all seem such cheerie places for a holiday too! LOL
Susan Barry
love you
TCG Arsenal
how bout chernobyl ukraine?
TGF - The Guiding Factor
very nice Information.
The Collier Report
I was on Surtsey in 1988, I guess illegally but did not know..we were on a boat exploring. At the time two things things struck me: the ground was still smoking and there were sprouts of green grass or something popping up. We also explored other little islands in the area of the Westman Island. I have seen but not entered Area 51.
Turkish Russian
Why are the thumbnail and opening shots of places not even mentioned in the video?\nThe first is Hashima Island, Japan, and the second is Pripyat, Ukraine (Chernobyl).\n(Also, snakes have venom, not poison.)
Valerie Nemeth
Oops my bad NORTH SENTINEL ISLAND is mentioned
Wassim Mrad
iluminati comfirmed ???
What are you fucking gay
Isn't this music from Telltale's walking dead game?
You can visit most of those places?
I get pissed off by those island tribe people... We should be allowed to go there without dying... Drop a tank and some fighters with guns on that island and kill those stubborn bastards......
Wolf 10
Its 11 you forgot my room
Yumii Playz 子猫
BTW you forgot my ex's house
Zaid Chakir
Damn the island with the tribes
albino fly
An Iceland story about Surtsey is very funny \nA science man ate a tomato and pooped on the island and a Tobago’s grew
cool bro 456
why did he evil laugh
gamer gavin
Do top 10 planets that were not discovered
jadyn mendoza
john 117
i am from iceland and my dad went once to surtsey island in 1984 with a helicopter. i dont know how to say it in english but he is somekind of lava and stone scientist
june cray
I just got more pillows
love to; everything
I live in India. .......and we can defenately visit the andaman islands .......I already have. ..........you can even make tribal friends
master nate
Where is chernobyl??? I thought for sure it would be on this list
red Velvet
Destroy the island that have tribesss😂😄😯😯
I could visit some of these if I where to become a scientist
thomas Everett
how can the British government buy something from scotland the British government is the government of scotland
There is one hotel room you can visit, but nobody can sleep in it: Room 308 in Inna Samudra Hotel, Pelabuhan Ratu, South West Java, Indonesia. The room is dedicated and especially decorated in green for Nyai Roro Kidul - The Queen Of the Southern Ocean. Sundanese people believe in her existence and every year make offerings in the sea for her on April 6th. One can enter a room alone for up to one hour for meditation for the price of about 5 dollars.
xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx
ofcourse chernobyl will be included -_-
Øystein Dale
Next tiime ur gonna make a video, gimme a warning if ur gonna show creapy immages and vids. I was watching this at night when i randomlyd just say 22 aliens on my screen. I just jumped out of my chair.
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