Rita Ora - Girls ft. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha Charli XCX (Official Video)

My new album 'Phoenix' is out now:

Bebe Rexha Cardi B Charli XCX Girls Girls Cardi B Girls Rita Ora Official Video Ora Rita Rita Ora Rita Ora Cardi B Rita Ora Girls

من احلى اغاني ٢٠١٨
Abdirahman Osman
Let's make it billion.who is in???😃😃😃😃😃
Addison Nanninga
This was kinda uncomfortable
Aleksandra Perovic
Ameisha IsOnlyKindaAwesome
Huge plus to th bi community 😍😍😍
Angf 12
Blackpink should be in this!
Antonio Petrache
Not better than lady marmelade
Anu G
How does this not have more views?
Archie Eguna
Rita is so f***** underrated!!
Are just doodles
a wild Cardi had appeared!
Atlanta Lord
Who else is bi or lesbian and leave a like if u r bi or lesbian
Ava Meyers
Bebe Rexha's part is so underrated! I love it the most!
Barbara Alice
Alguem veio por Girl In The House???\nMelhor serie man😂♥️
Black Rose Beatz
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BlueSide 1802
'I'm too sexy i seduce myself '\nOh my.\nCardi is everywhere and she is slowly but progressively snatching my wig.
Bosli B.
I'm afraid to open the fridge, *Cardi B* will pop up.
Bueno Gaming
her name is lara? or cara *cough* delevigne🤔😂❤🔥
Catalina Quintanilla
I'm so gay
Catherine x
Cardi being everywhere these days
Cardi being everywhere these days
Collette Jadyn
I'm too sexy I seduce myself😂
excuse me but could they have made bebe's part any more potato quality. god damn
David Graham
Da Illuminati confirmed Sexual Deviant's Depraved Masonic Child Prostitution Pornography Dealer's Pimps etc and Bent Policemen
Doris what!?
Hmm, can't wait till cardi's kid sees thid
Eemaan Bhatia
At 1:38-1:40, Bebe Rexha killed it🔥🔥🔥😍😍
Fede FD
Rita is so lucky getting to kiss Cardi, I'm jealous!
Gjon Ismaili
Cardi B’s work ethic 🙌🏽 she’s been doing so many collabs
Heidi 248
* my religious mom left the chat*
Isi Bytyci
That video clip its more than art and love ❤️ \nSong is amazing...
ItsJake YT
This song blew my mind epic lyrics keep up the good work
J Noel
*Damn, Cardi has a long tongue*
Joyce Nunes
Só assistir por causa da Duny
So Nice always girl 🎵😊❣
2:53 I dropped my hop pocket when this happened
Kayanert Bestylio
Girls by \nRita from the jungle \nCharli from the walking dead \nBebe from Paris \nCardi from the Blade runner 2049😂
Kelly & Warrick Hickman
A lot of u may be bi but I am not but I support everyone who is 🏳️\u200d🌈🏳️\u200d🌈❤️💯🔥👍
Keshav Dev
First time I got attraction on Rita.. She looking very beautiful in this video.. 😍😍First time she look. Like women 🚺
Khandeshi Entertainment
Supar dupar
Kids Cartoons
“My momma always whooped my ass cause she thought that I had a boyfriend even though I didn’t. I didn’t have a boyfriend I had a girlfriend, HEHE”- Cardi B 2:53
Kinggoldchain Kinggoldchain
RITA ORA 😵😵 So beautiful
Kirstin Paul
This is so underrated😍😍
LaMauria Page
This song makes me want to be a lesbian😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍
Leloba Miziyonke
2:53 they kissed 😱 has offset seen this yet?
Little Mixer
Was Bebe filmed with a nintendo or something tho?
Maryam M
Cardi B pops up out of nowhere in every song
Meenakshi Xgood
I liked this video because bebe rexha is there
Megg Pimm
Sometimes I jus wonna kiss girls girls girls girls girls ❤️❤️🦋💘\n\nIf it’s not a ting u dig, it’s not a thing u like, if it is, It is
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Cardi B Part is Fire
Rita Ora-2018\nCardi B-2018\nCharli XCX-2018\nBebe Rexha-2018\n✖👀✖👀✔👀✔
when cardi and rita kissed i was drinking and i dont think ive ever choked that much in my life
Nique Allison
God I love Rita!
Ok Kitty Rabbit
~ cough, Illuminati, cough cough ~
P Knts
That song deserved so much better, but people ruined it . It’s an actual bop
Papi Harpy
Did Cardi really mention scissoring? 😑 I was feeling it until she opened her mouth
Poyosny Kundu
Sometimes I just wanna eat food food food like why not just wanna diet diet diet
Rahul Chhetri
The part with Cardi B as a giant hologram and Rita looking up at her is inspired by a scene from Blade Runner 2049 :))
Red Apple
Girl's good job!
Samurai10000 Avakin Life
Bebe Rexha
Bisexuals rule the world 🦄💜💙
Bebe Rexha deserves better in the video 😑
Shirley R.
Where’s Haley kiyoko when you need her
Sindi Aprianti
I saw Cardi too much this week
Soul Them
1: You \n2: wanna \n3: know \n4: who \n5: the \n6: best \n7: person\n8: on \n9: the \n10: earth \n11: is?\n\n\n\n\n\nGo back to number one!
Spaizboy X
The kiss got me WTF
Stefanie J
My mom knew I was BI before I finally came out this year I knew it too for a long time but I kept it hidden and never really understood it myself of my sexuality . I’ve only dated men all my life . After two years I’m still single as a choice i have my son to raise and college is around the corner next year and I’m not like my ex’s that move on so quickly , that just means they have been there the whole time when he/she been with you . just waiting for the right person to be my “Zing “ Never be ashamed of who you are . It like that at first because of society and how people view sexuality It doesn’t mean you like every person . You gotta a type . Be free live your life to be happy , do good even when does you bad still\nDo good in life . You can build a life and it can be shattered in seconds keep building a life . Treat others the way you want to be treated . Be kind , courageous , be resilient , be humble , think before you act . Live life to the fullest that you forget your past that you can’t see your future ( you are in the present ) once time goes on you will be happy 😃 you will see where life / God took you , built your character mold you into such a remarkable person you always were . So much to offer into this world don’t settle .
Stephie Pahlavi Zan
OK........I've listened to this song a million times .........I'm hooked! I love it! Inover look the unpretty girls....I love this song!
Stu Blake
This deserves more dislikes. This sums up mainstream music nowadays, utter garbage.
Rita & Bebe look like sisters from another mother
Sunshine Girl Art
I'm bi but I didn't tell anyone yet and this song makes me feel so good, like If my sexuality was this little sparkly funny thing inside me that I don't even have to worry about.
Talie Mcculloch
We just gonna ignore the fact cardi and Rita kissed ?!
The bi pie
💗💜💙 I love being bi 💗💜💙
The life of a girl
the theme song for Bi girls trying to explain their bisexuality
Tonia Melvin
Paused it right on the kiss... DAMN!!
Topaz Hibbert
Why the f*** are kissing a girl offset gonna get mad at ya 😠😡😠😡😠\n\nEdit: 2:53
We Need Help
Okay but where Lara at?
Yasmin Warsame
Everyone complains saying get cardi On a feature you’ll get promo and views then wtf happened with this 😐
YouTube User
Hayley Kiyoko feat. Halsey, Lauren Jauregui & Kehlani
Zarry X 1D
Rita is so damn pretty❤
not impressed, doesn't feel authentic at all
ash greninja shuriken
# go to hell
*When Cardi and Rita kissed i choked on my croissant!*
jordan giraud
Hello person scrolling through the comments\nYou are beautiful in every way\nHave a nice day
kayla cavitt
just to let you guys on a piece of info this song is basically about girls being gay as I read the lyrics SOMETIMES I JUST WANT TO KISS GIRLS!!!! but theirs really nothing wrong with being gay because cardi said tonight I don't want a dog I want a cat we all know what she meant RIGHT? by the way I love this song❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😃
krippy kush
Cardi b is lesbic
I feel like I’m walking through H&M when I’m listening to this
milkqueen :D
this song is soooo under-rated
you know what.. can relate.
myap7790 myap7790
Rita from the jungle \nCharli from the walking dead\nBebe from Paris \nAnd Cardi b from the future XD
Why this single is fuckin underrated ,,,, 💥🔥💥 beautiful song 💞💗💞💜😘 take this to limelight 💥🔥💥💥🔥
rose blanche
Cardi B is EVERYWHERE 💯💯💯
samer ŚÝ
Charlie XCX:\n2017: sorry i was bussy thinking 'bout boys\n2018: sometimes i just wanna kiss girls \n............
snowflake Angel
unicorngamer 1
yo JM
Somewhere far away..\nOFFSET from Migos is looking confused.
Ůřąŋįųm Øĉmïŋøĵķã
Sometimes i just wanna go sleep, sleep, sleep.
ᴏʟ ʟᴇɢᴇɴᴅ :D
Charlie almost look like Dua Lipa :v