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Gurren Lagann is one of the most famous mecha anime of all time. Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann spans years and many episodes with scores of different characters and mecha. Characters of Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann possess certain abilities even though their size and comparison between them differ a lot. Characters of Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann are mostly mecha with different sizes and possess unique powers and abilities. Some of Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann mecha are small in size while others are more of an average mecha size in comparison. There are also giant size Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann mecha which dwarf many other characters in comparison. This is one of many anime size comparison videos on the making and do support us even though we might not be perfect. enjoy watching this video on the size comparison of Gurren Lagann mecha.Keywords:1. Size2. Comparison3. Gurren4. Lagann4. MechaImportant words: Size, Comparison, Gurren, Lagann and Mecha.---Music: Naruto Shippuden - Blue Bird [ Anime ] Royalty Free - No Copyright Background MusicMisterM No Copyright Music...

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02 16
Super tengen toppa gurren lagann made galaxies look like small plates
Dai gurren has the PP extendus
ALOL Gaming
Aoi aoi ano sora!
ALT Right Killa
The deternation that got Simon to get to the anti spiral is unlimited
Giga drill?
Akmal Akmal
wow very very big
Alvaro Bustos
well that wouldn't work in our universe since local groups are smaller than that, so they would be ripped appart by the still not well known anti matter, well, there's one answer, ANIME
Andy Bersal
Kamina's D I C K\n600 Quintillon Light Years
Ariq Striker RI
And no Cathedral Lazengann
Arthur Brondi
super tengen toppa gurren laggan 52.8 billion lught years .....ok.......
Autism Lord
That profile name tho
Berkay Kara
Next about Ben 10 aliens pls.
Black Star
I was afraid that at 3:37 there was going to be an even larger gurren
Music please:)
In awe at the size of that last lad\nAbsolute Unit
Canal NikStick
but what about his giga drill?
Careless Angel
Ehhhhh nostalgia
Carlos Danurk Hernandez Orga.
K verga \nDónde salen los demas
Oh dangit, no giantess Yoko, thats the end screen xD
Coffee Bean
The super tengen toppa gurenn lagann's drill is bigger than the observable universe
Diego Games
And the Chou Giga Drill break?
Dragon Halo
Mmmmmh bigger is better I guess
*_I cri evritiem_* 😭😭😭
Emo Gurf
Remember those pink puff ball guys? They had a mecha, but what was that one called?
Epic Rasce
*3:24** HOW TO KILL HE???????*
Esteban Sandoval
Things Such as fisics, time, space and so on does not apply to things as manly and awesome as the Gurren Lagann Galaxy sized mechas.
Talk about an anime that dares to dream lol
Francis Paulo Zepeda
How do they build them
Game Hunter
Hmmm, naruto!!
German Alejo Martinez
3:17 toppa tengen?
I have anime profile pic so dont fuk with me
yoko oppai are still bigger
This anime is bizarre
Saitma vs toppa?
Jacopo Cerro
well that escalated quickly
Jashin Sama
Maybe the universe is a living being and we live inside it like that laggan of 52 billion light years!
Kurama the 9 tails
Yep,size does matter :P
Kurumi Tokisaki
Umm you got STTGL and SG Zamboa's size incorrect. STTGL is over 150 Billion Light Years and SG Zamboa's is a bit over that. When STTGL uses Giga Drill Break, he stands at 1.5 trillion Light Years making it bigger than our universe.
La Guarida de Chaz
In awe at the size of these lads. Absolute Lagann.
Lin Htoo Aung
Even one minute light year is too tall for humans. Imagine billions of light years tall.
Loco Max
M. K.
I want a 1:1 size action figure of the last one.
Manlius R
Ben 10 aliens
Michele Constantine
So if giga drills come out, it means universe beyond the observable is empty until it reach multiverse, maybe hehe
Monsieur Toys
Awesome !
Munshi Rastro
Do Fairy Tail next
Musician Butterfly
8-bit Bluebird?
NDG Gamers
Tengen toppa solverania and all tengen toppa is not bigger then galaxy all war in galaxy
Nick Foster
Bruh you can’t even see them move since light isn’t fast enough CUZ THEY TOO BIG 😂😂
Nutre tu Life
Ta madre, ya se me subió la adrenalina, tendré que volver esa serie -_-
Pesquisa Chave
Music name?
Rafael Caiani
Genial big mechas los guren langan
Rafael Iñigo Zion L. ALINDOGAN
But can sttgl outsize The MEME GOD estimated size over: 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666~100000Tredecillion Light Centuries!!!!
RainRebelz Gamez
Your joking
Rick Rickman
If they were that big then how could they see each other when they fight. If they standing next to each other would still be billions of light years away
RyzeR Gabon
And universe is 93 billion light years but... \n\n\n\n\nI'm grade 4th
So when they're fighitng each other in the anime, what are they throwing each? I thought they were throwing galaxys or solar systems, but they can fit hundreds in the palm of their hands, so it can't be that. They were shaped like discs I believe.
Son Naruto Dragoneel
Well dang those guys are huge
You forgot the drill. :(
3:19 they put the name bad :v
Strikeris Killeris
Are they from both seasons?
Second comment! I like your videos! Pls, do Miyazaki's creature size comparison of his films
So we can all agree this beats Goku right?
The Real TK-Dragon!
Did it say \
Till Köpper
That escalated quickly
Tobias Engel
Maybe we \nall live in the Endfight 🤔
Tylo senpai
Still, don't know how they got so big, how many episodes are there
Victor Zamora
Absolute UNITS
I saw many videos, of mecha size comparizon, but only this video showed me a REAL size of Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. You did the great job! Please continue!
Yin Js.
El kokun moriria antes siquiera de llegar a darle un golpe al ttgl v:
Zen Farris
Zul Rab
Saitama is dead
Zyanya Meeks
I like this music
animation tunes
You is right
I would like you to research about a fictional planet size comparison and then do it.
bex xd
Wtf anime in video Gurren Lagann, but audio from naruto op3 xD
Super Shenron \u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e
can i get 100 subs without a video
Biggest is super sentence toppa gurren laggan
deadtrigger lover
Blue bird
donny derp
Whoever says that super tengen toppa gurren lagann cant beat the infinity jaeger is straight up wrong.
elessaur productions
Fight that, Goku.
emrah şimşek
I never watched the anime, but WTF, how did they build them, there aren't even that much material
koloz 123
Just take your average universe, multiply it by some 10s and you get tengen toppa gurren lagann :)
Thats massive
lucrio21 i like to play roblox
ok how about super shenron or shenron
luiz paulo dos santos silva
Power Rangers Megazords or Super Sentais Mechas.
poke maniac
It starts in feet and goes to light years this is freaking ridiculous
universe\n+100 bilhões anos luz
transformers addict/ mrhelioptile AUTTP UTTPH
vijayan kp
That escaleted quickly
It gets even bigger, Simon's final giga drill break is the size of at least fifty STTGL's.
Андрей Рощупкин
Why song from Naruto in Gurren Laggan video?
暗黒神 佐藤勇太
I,m Japanese.this movie is good.
Guren lagann is 25m \n...