why aliens wont visit earth

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- A
This is one giant ass cringe.
Abby Diano
what type of drug were they on to make this video
Abigail Alvarez
I'm not mad, I'm just...disappointed.
manny and blue hair boy cant even twerk ew
Animal QUEEN Sassy
*Nikita slay*
Anita Coleman
lol why are they so cringy lmao making the whole lgbt community look like a fool
Anjali Johal
Manny and Laura are the cringiest
Aquaticzzz 25
Did anybody else notice that they are barely twerking?
Brayden Jack
Literally dislike all of them *G R O S S*
Caroline Garbacz
lol Laura Lees back was about to break 🤣
CatBoy 666
Who's the guy with purple hair?
I don't mind Gabriel or Nikita, but Manny and Laura need to STOP
enough internet for today
Churned Milk
Wtf is thaaaaatttt
Cole. tafolla
When snakes come together to put a dance on.
Dance Moms Lover20
The fake four.
Daria t
What did i just watched??? I have to wash my eyes with bleach now
David G.
Manny even moves like a snake
Deborah Pimental
Lara leech lookin more like a damn bird
Divo Galindra
One of the reason why Jeffree never hang out with them anymore: *class*
Ema Llama
What happened to our world? Let’s make a new planet!!\n\n\n\n\n\nBecause these ppl are ruining the world, the internet and me
Emily’s Life
Laura can’t twerk for nothing
They won’t visit because their already here
Fin Osborne
Plot twist,, they are the aliens
Hellew GURL
ohhh that's why •.•
*hunny the aliens are just jealous*
I got the tea! U thirsty?
*Aliens have left the chat*
Ishan Ali
The only thing Laura is moving is her spine. Try again hun.
Jaisy Clips
Who’s idea was it to make this video?!😂😂😂😂lmao
*0:09** realises he can't twerk so does weird hand movements*
Jori Housan
Why is lura not wearing any shoes ?..
Kale .-.
_This video turned me into an alien_
Karuna Satori ASMR
everyday, we stray further from Gods light.
Kaymoney XD
God has left the chat
Kelly Brooks
My mom “Clean your room” \nMy brain:
*I think now is the good time to get abducted by aliens*
why would you push Nikita out the way *just to have an aneurism*
Lady W
Everyone in the damn comments saying Nikita can twerk, and I'm sitting here like, BISHH WHERE?!
Lilly Parker
Did they think that was cute or something? Cringe
Lily Gamez I Roblox & More
why was this in my recommended
Oh look, it’s the ripoff off power rangers
I've just filed papers with the department of justice, this is a *hate crime*
Maria Cecília Dias
So how much does a one way trip to the sun cost?
Mars Bars
Maryam Farivar
*why was nikita queen PusHEd?*
Matthew Bykowski
I couldn’t stop laughing when Gabriel zamora tried so hard to look sexy but looked like a seizing cat fse 😂😂
Melissa Anzola
Wth is Gabriel doing?
Melody Bloom
Shit, I don’t even want to visit i earth and I live here.
Miss Keisha
me when there’s a sale at target
Morgan Lemons
They might not visit but they might destroy us all....\n\n\n\n*I hope*
i understand the aliens
O Noez
*its because we already got us some aliens*
Pastel Cutie
Laura: *tries*\nNikita: OH HUNNY GO HOME
PotterHead Pets
*when you're trying to stay relevant*
Quiyisha Flemming
Me trying to stay relevant on Instagram😂😂
Ricky Dillon
wow why is this me LOL
Rōma Tawāzu
the alien visit us.. but they leave quickly as they see this video
Aliens: *we gonna go ahead and see ya later humans 😬*
Sabrina Susnowitz
Plot twist , they are the aliens
Nikita is the only one that can twerk lol
**laughing in socialblade**
Snacc Boi
the world should've ended in 2012 like it was supposed to
Why is Jeffree never with them anymore
Sugar Bear
I'm crying because how right this is 😭😭😭😭😭 we have to visit them.
Sumaira Merzais
What on actual Earth did I just witness?.....
When gabriel started i started to cry!!!
Taco bell
I think we'll keep Gabriel and ship the rest to pluto \n\n\n\n\n\nWait not Pluto she's had to deal with enough shit #plutoISaplanet
Weird Girl
my crush: i like girls who can twerk\nme:
Yedaliz Martinez
*earth has left the chat*
a thot
lmao the only one who can twerk is nikita
alondra Alondra2008
They twerk sooooooo baddddd especially laura or whatever her name is
artguy smith
I love how none of them can actually dance
e h
laura’s gonna get spine problems jesus christ
*Take some lessons from Laura on how to twerk. She’s clearly good at everything. Including fake crying*
i dk
Wait...Nikita did fortnite dance at the end?
i want my life back, kpop
The pink haired girl looks like she doesn't want to be there lmao
its Stephanie
Wym, aliens are already on earth, there names are Laura, Manny, Gabriel and nikita 💀💀💀
jay jay
“dance if you hate jeffree”
jimin has squishy cheeks
I already hate it in Earth. Time to move to Mars.
Jeffree has left the chat.
Mars... Here I come
kool Kiwi
Aren't they aliens though?
last to first
Ok...this was just plain disturbing...\n\nSorry twerk fans but yeah this video made my allergy with twerking worse....
just one of the reasons
many and laura are the worst ones (:
Laura bout to break her whole back. Time to make another apology to aliens
so the original joke was that laura is ruining the shot because she can’t twerk?\ngod they are so oblivious \nthat shows how they really think they’re doing great when they’re actually all looking completely pathetic
suddenly, mars sounds like a _great_ idea.
saythename memeteen
What was Laura doing oml
tea baggins
why thanos never succeed of destroying earth.
*to all aliens:* PLEASE COME
wasssup bois
*they all look like squirming worms*
weave snatcher36
Jesus take the wheel
what am i doing with my life ?
At least they prevent aliens and I've gotta say they do an A+ great job
• Aurelia •
wish Nikita would have stayed away from the snakes I really liked her