Final Male Kumite -75kg. Luigi Busa vs Rafael Aghayev. World Karate Championships 2012

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Final Male Kumite -75kg. Luigi Busa of Italy vs Rafael Aghayev of Azerbaijan. WKF World Karate Championships Paris 2012.SUBSCRIBE ►

Karate Kumite Luigi Busa Rafael Aghayev WKF WKF World Karate Championships World Karate Federation

I don't understand how this video has so many views. Is it so boring that it went viral?
Abhyas Pokhrel
dancing for points
This is a world championship match? I'm sure they're great, but they don't show it. Sparring is a bit more eventful in my training sessions :)
Akin Hurdle
I'm not trying to bash or make fun of it but whats with all the damn yelling. I know nothing about kumite, maybe someone can enlighten me
Wow there are alot of stupid comments by youtube masters. This is not a fight. This is points karate. If you do not like points karate, you should go somewhere else.
Andeciuala Nobre
2 medrosos.
Anderson Santos
85 % scream 15 % fight
Aziz Nikbin
the red belter's footwork is amazing lol
Bilal Sadiqov
rafayil agayev ❤ AZERBAIJAN
the most boring karate fight I've ever seen.
Bruno Trindadee
Lutinha mais sem graça que eu ja vi na vida
Cameron Rafifar
at this point i say put on some helmuts and start head butting each other! \n\nwtf is this crap?
Carlos Márquez
Sport karate is not Karate to me.
David Garner
You kids simply don't get it so let me try to explain: This is a sport derivation of traditional Japanese/ Okinawan karate-do. For the typical young male kyokushin \
force is meaningless without skill
Dr Qrunch
This form of competition really sucks... makes the sport look bad
Dragon Karateka
y pensar que de este tipo serán los combates olímpicos en 2020... hacen mejor combate los de sistema abierto!!!
Eli Elfassy
I love karate, I love WKF Kata and application video's... But this for me is not something I can learn from/use... I think competition should be realistic or entertaining .. This competition for me shows non of the above.
Erick R
kyokushin I heard has better sparring. this is not fighting
Fernando Sosa
I practice karate and I enjoy it, but people are right, there are too much rules and the idea of a martial arts is to defend yourself in danger situations, but with so many rules you won't ever learn how to defend, in the past karate was more heavy, now is not a real fight, how are you suppose to defend yourself in a fight that in the street never happens. I really think WKF should give more liberty to the fighter
Stupid people cant understand that its martial art.they just want to see heavy contact,animals
Wow those dancers sure know how to fight
Henry lau
WKF is a knockoff, bastardized, glamourized, Karate-Like sport. In truth, real Karate is a form of Budo practice which is rarely seen or heard. Partitioner train and discipline the mind and body to prepare for the moment to choose life or death. A real Budo Karate practitioner will never reveal his or her ability un-necessarily, less to say show off in a game of hip hop tag in front of a crowd with the goal of scoring points.
This sucks. A good middleweight boxer would drop either one of these guys
Hongo Bongo99
Everyone, who wrote here, that this isnt the TRUE karate, dont know NOTHING about it. They just watching the karate on youtube. Almost everyone, who has the power, could be kyokuschin or JKA fighter. BUT for example JKA was founded AFTER WKA. Its like - We are not good at WKA, so lets make our own league! Yey!.\nNo.\nTry compare a guy from WKA with guy from JKA.\nThe real art isnt about to KNOCK DOWN your opponent. Every idiot can kick someones head, BUT to stop the leg 3 centimetres in front of his head is real Art.\nsry for my engilsh
How much Padding do you need for no contact lol
Kostya Pashko
so why blue guy won? I haven't seen any punches or throws or anything except the moment on 5:07 from the red one.\np.s guess final of world championship is not the place to see what's karate is about...
Litul Wizard
Olimpic martial arts stile are killing the true martial arts.
Luis Alberto Pinto Sanchez
Borring as hell
Luis G.M
Ignorance... How much ignorance in some comments here.\n\nIt's true. This fight is boring. But they are fighters. If you are a real Martial Artist you should show some respect for any other Martial Artist. And those who are not Martial Artist, should show some respect too, but you are not going to undestand it.
Both are doing alot of bouncing about and not doing much more.! Perhaps when you fought in the golden age of Karate, you tend to expect a bit more than glorified tag.! \nThey both leave their leading leg open for kizami ashi barai and the follow up take down. Poor footwork.
Mario Cesar
que carajooooo????????????
Melker De Bie
Really boring fight, this is not martial art, this is dancing
Michael St
Karate is a sport of perfection, if you do one failure you are out. They are very desziplinated.
this is hands down the most viscous dance competition i have ever seen.
Is this dancing or what? :D
Esto es una mierda 😠
Nate Biggers
Kyokushin karate tournaments have a similar setting full contact rules no pads and bare-knuckle fighting look it up.You might like what you see.Osu
Nello Montella
wtf is this? the dont' touch
Noble Idealista
pensé que ganaría Chuck Norrys
Kucukler hemise rafael udur gicin biri udan kimi tez internete qoyursuz boyuvuzu yere soxum kul sizin basiniza fuck you
Oséias Lopes Souza
crab fight lolololololololololol #muaythai\u003c3
Que porqueria de pelea.
quer  ver karate  eficaz, veja anime, filmes. por que na vida real e essa merda ai.
Ramiro Nin
It's funny how everyone says this is \
Raphael Almeida
Esporte chato do caralho
RiH Chillstep
Very bored made me sleepy!
Rizal Djohan
looks like masturbation
Roberto Palumbo
ma vince chi grida di piu?
Ronaldjames Ronald James
I am a little Karate Kid I can do everything they doing on YouTube
S Sokol
Как же стыдно ,что из карате унижают такие выскочки как WKF... Стыдно смотреть позор!!!!!!!!!
Sam Jsy
Well that was exceptionally dull!
Selim Seha Can
vericeğiniz kararı sikiyim
Shubham Adhikari
It was like fighting with air lol....hitting through your opponent is totally different... But i respect them because they are good in what they are trained...
Stale War
It is so funny))) Not like karate . That fencing)))))
Stella Leyla
Guys... they CAN'T fight... that would be too dangerous, because a lot of the attacks can end with death.
Suhas Yernool
This is crap. Watch kyokushin karate fights. That's some real fighting.
T.Y yoon
The Danneskjold
I'm sorry, but this isn't karate. Yes, they'd kick ass in a street fight, but this is not serious fighting.
Thewise one
Being able to hit a certain spot with accuracy is actually a really tool to have in your combat toolkit. I see so many times in MMA the blind arm punchers swinging wildly haymaker after haymaker, where in reality if they only had some accuracy they could do some damage (ala Machida, Wonderboy etc.... In ancient times there were certain spots between the armor plates that one could take advantage of, thus having the accuracy of what we call point fighting today was essential. A warrior might get one shot with a blade and he had to hit it in just the right spot. This is the modern equivalent of that training.
Tode Jutsu
Por dios, no hacen Nada, solo saltar mirase el uno y el otro, que kumite tan malo... con el respeto que merecen los competidores, pero por favor mas acción no hacen nada.
Tribuana Mahardika
I'd rather watch kyokushin karate fight than this.
Vinni Official
This was underwhelming
William Nicolas
So all of you just come here to hate on WKF ? all of you badasses shouldn't you be training hard on boxing or mma ? lol I would love to see everyone of you saying he wouldn't stand a chance blabla against would be so funny
Wheres the real fight?
Zoro Senpai
This match doesn't represent the karate even if it's great champion, go see other match of these two guys and you will see the karate is not boring.
aaa aaa
3:18 arkadaki Türk bayrağı
Video starts at 2:06
dawndavid karkut
I practiced karate for 15 years and I'm sure both athletes are skilled, but this example of \
dyaa ddin
I've came here to see a fight .. but what I saw is 2 people jumping in circles
emanuel rivera
el mejor baile que eh visto... jajajaja
francesco masuzzo
hyun kyu park
ian hubbard
This is embarrassing to watch
jeremy brown
4:00 That's my expression through the entire fight!
lener nieves
Kyokushin is the real karate!!!\n
massimo de simone
FINALMENTE IL KARATE E' SPORT OLIMPICO...:))))))))))))))))))))...FORZA ITALIA...CIAO DA MASSIMO....:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))...
This isn't Kartate, it's that Korean dance.
Karate is boring nowadays... this is why i train jiujitsu
boring!!! Kyokushinkai is far better!!!
The problem is that you can't really hit the opposite in a kumite. It is just a simulation. This makes it boring.
Was that a dance or a fight?
This is piece of shit. Watching films is better than watching this. (Sry for my english)
sakis mallias
poli metrioi............
sameer Sayyed
Someone throw a fricken punch already.
Maybe if I bounce around a little bit more I will win the oh yeah and when i do throw a shot and actually make contact I should scream Hi-yah!!! To make it hurt Then because i landed one shot i should stop throwing shots because this is a non realistic karate tournament...NOT A FIGHT!
What is this? It's like a fight with two inexperienced practitioners. The level of true karate is very low nowadays. :(
warrior games
Os cara pula mais que luta
awesome jumping contest
yaourt M
This is not real karate
Ата лы
Azerbaijan !!
불교 만세!!!!111111111111111