Did Ancient Aliens Visit Earth?

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"Did Ancient Aliens Visit Earth?Is it possible that we have been visited by aliens, but in our ancient past?A massive thank you to our super fans who have supported us on our Patreon page. Feel free to take a look at the rewards we have on offer for our supporters here:

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i dont care if aliens visited earth all i care is that they don't wipe out the human race
Anyone who believes aliens jump started the human civilization just have no faith in humanity.
Amazing Deepak
Prometheus.. Are you seeing this?
Angry Goblin
Actually this theory is proven to be wrong. It is us , the human race who is alien to this planet.\n\n Due to mysterious reasons , an ancient yet extremely advanced version of modern man , colonised earth. Unfortunately for us the planet was already occupied by another race whose nature remains obscured. Upon our arrival the inhabitants , under the veil of terror for the uknown declared war. Their civilization was inferior to ours and after a long and terrible conflict , we reigned supreme driving them into extinction ( some accounts however , claim that descendants of the race are still living in underground networks , slowly rebuilding their power. Further proof to that are the earthquakes who are possibly nuclear tests from the denizens below.) \n\n The war took a heavy toll on both sides. They got pretty much wiped into nothing , these ancient monuments being the only remaining proof of their existance. We on the other hand used our resources and potential to it's fullest extent , losing way more than we could afford. Humanity had won but they were powerless and anarchy ensued. Some elements tried to enstablish a political system to remain united but many groups , disapointed and weary from hardship decided to explore what remained unsalvaged in this new planet. And thus , humanity was split into groups that occupied different areas of the continents.\n\n Having lost so much , the humans now made a new start. As the years passed , memory became myth , and myth became dust. Humans lost their origins and struggled as scavengers and farmers. They even forgot how they all arrived on the same spaceship , eventually declaring wars on each other.\n\nI learned all of this in my time travels , using my chrono-manipulative swiming suit. If you want to learn more about our origins , our enemies and our future , you can read my book \
Anish G
There is a 90% chance all of this has happened. Please come to us ET's\nGood video ATC, we want some moar!!!
Ayece Channel
Like the Indians observed columbus and his crew in the arrival as a godly being, so does the people who encountered the \
Revisit earth ? What if Aliens are not in space to begin with, we don't know everything about earth, they might be living on earth with us somewhere somehow!!
Billy Maidment
This theory isn't that ridiculous. Think about it. Aliens must exist. The universe is infinite, and so there has to be life somewhere else. Now what are the odds, that at least one of these civilisations being able to space travel? Again, pretty likely, as there is infinite civilisations, due to the universe being infinite. Now, the odds of them visiting us in our past is a bit lower, but the stuff said in this video, is good evidence that it could have happened.
I doubt aliens would waste their time helping us
I think it is possible but if so then why did they leave?
Call Me Jonez
Theres got to be more than just us out here...
When did AllTimeConspiracies turn into the -aliens- History Channel?
Its hard to believe we are the only living things. Ancient Aliens could be on the earth right now. Its all theory and your own mind. Your mind is the most powerful thing you have. So if you choose to believe then you will see things or find things that correlate with your theory. Its all theory. But personally i believe in it. But hay, who are we to judge were sitting on our computers looking at youtube videos when aliens could be right above us, we wouldn't know were to focused on this :3
Craig Martin
Could Judgement day be the time Aliens return to judge how far we have advanced since they found us playing with stones in a cave?
You guys should do Operation Mincemeat from WW2 conspiracy!
Dai mon
I think ancient aliens is more understandable than \
Dani S.
Because of some ignorant people on the comments I have to say that not only atheists believe in aliens... The Bible doesn't deny the existence of life in another planets nor talk about their existence. Therefore, those who believe in the Bible such as myself (I don't care what you atheists think about me) have no proof aliens don't exist. I believe in aliens and because of certain things of ancient civilizations such as the rocks in Machu Pichu (bad spelling) and the path that leads to them explains that it is almost impossible for someone from that time to cut so almost perfectly those rocks or carry them. I don't believe in ancient aliens at all but it isn't something to mock about as it is quite possible.
Daniel Zagora
if you believe in linear evolution of human society, than this is a reasonable theory...but, the evolution of human society isn´t linear, and todays society isn´t the most advanced there was in the history of our planet....
Guys, the answer to all your unexplained questions will always be Aliens.
Dean Mohan
The History channel loves this
Denis Dionigi Del Grande
If you want to be influenced by a book, read Sigumd Freud's \
Denis Селимовић
I just noticed that the logo of Alltime Conspiracies is an eye, anyone see the reference?
I dunno...does a bear shit in the woods? Maybe he uses a toilet, and is a very civilized bear. Maybe he wears an exquisite suit, a top hat, and a monocle, and smokes a pipe whilst sitting in front of a fire in his chair, pondering whether this comment was worth writing.
what if i want to say.. i WANT them to exist?\nlife is too normal these days. want to change up a bit.
If you lived 2000 years ago and saw beings flying in spaceships you would probably think of them as gods.
Alien guy: \
Freedom For Thought
I think it's crazy how people are so quick to deny alien contact. Facts are facts and scientist everywhere are 99% sure there is life out there. That being so, why would not a single species be intelligent? We are. Why would they not be curious about their neighbors? We are as well. Not be able to traverse space? We already have. Radar Cloaks? Invisibility Cloaks? Silent Engines? Enough sense to not disrupt an important experiment? We have accomplished all of the above.  Also remember, War, Hate, Famine, Disease, & Pointless Violence are all man made, so why do we still believe we are the greatest species in the universe? Why I am a crazy bcuz I don't?
Ancient Aliens are false in every way possible.
Long live History Channel!
Giakichan Pan
plz, make the next video about the grand unified tory of everything :)
Oh here we go again\n\
Holy Cheese
I don't know.\n\nTherefore aliens.
I reaper I
Yeah they did, who do you think came up with the idea of sliced bread?Aliens...
Do you plan to make video about prophecies?
Thanks for freaking me out,ATC. Had this weird feeling like if someone was watching me from behind, and to complement I was alone in my house. But I think that's the point. Great video guys, very interesting. Elaborate more on the ancient cultures link to the aliens. Example, thhe hieroglyphics in the pyramids and caves. +Alltime Conspiracies 
Jake Star
I'm not saying aliens but aliens!
Jameson B
Interesting theory.
Joe Sutton
In ancient times they called 'them' gods now we call 'them' aliens
John Chaser
Love your alien conspiracies :D
Jon Defina
Next question is how are the aliens made?
Im open for the idea.\nif we would find some kind of real advanced technology from ancient times i would believe it to 100% But that havent happened yet what we know of though.\n\nI have a small theory and that is that there was a alien race that was \
Logan Starz
This video seems like an intro to a movie 
Lydia Xavier
I certainly wouldn't have helped bring civilization to a species who to this day wages war over silly matters like religion.
Great video. Thanks.
Maddoxx x
yes no doubts..
Magnificent Sarah
That's cool but why would they help us? Perhaps we gave them/ taught them something in return..\ufeff theoretically of course, I don't personally believe aliens have visited earth.
Mason Gordon
This conspiracy theory is just as likely to be true as it is to be false. Finding out for sure isn't going to be/is an easy task
Im not saying it was aliens.... But it was aliens
Not saying Aliens did it. . .\nbut\nAliens.
I believe in UFOs and X-life, but everytime we cant explain something we go to an early conclusion saying must be aliens... Back in the days when we couldnt explain something, the gods were the only conclusions we could tought about. The thing is since those days science gave us alot of answers. My point is if you dont have an explantion for something, dont fucking go straight with the paranormal card cause the answer might just be way more simple than that. But who know?
I don't always cri, but wen I do I cri evrytiem
Mrs. Puff
I have a question. So, since the Earth is like hundreds of years old, how are we in the year 2014?
This theory is JUST AS VALID, if not, even MORE PROBABLE as the one you read in your bible... (Ie. god)
Neil Hamburger
Nightwing 222
What was the name of the song/theme used???
Yes it is
I like to think that humanoid aliens such as the Grays aren't aliens at all. How likely is it that they would evolve to look nearly identical to us? The grays heavily resemble subterranean lifeforms. I personally think that the Earth is much older than we think, and primates in general were around much longer than we think. I think that the Grays are a subspecies of ape that evolved long before the Homo Sapiens came to be, and essentially were far more advanced than we were at the time because of how they evolved. Our early ancestors were more abundant than the Grays, and the Grays are very slim and fragile in form. Despite us being stupid cavemen, in force we managed to overpower them, forcing them to either flee underground where they bred with Reptiles, forming the Reptilian race we see in so many cultures around the world, and the rest fled into space, most likely to subterranean Mars or those nearby Super Earths in other solar systems.\n\nThe other possible theory is that they're just humans from the future, because they look very similar to us.
Onto Preonto
1:09 So, you're saying our ancestors were once raped by aliens?
I believe evidence and clues are everywhere.. either as a metaphor or simply because humans then didn't know what was actually before their own eyes. When they speak of angels as winged individuals.. they meant that they could fly.. The only thing they knew could fly were birds.. that's where the wings come from.. When they speak of gods coming down from the heavens.. How similar are the teachings of gods like Viracocha (Incas), Kukulcan (Mayans), Osiris (Egyptians)... Peace, order.. How civilizations prospered.. and how they began falling apart after they left.. Every god in every single one of those religions left with the promise of coming back.. Maybe we are a scientific experiment who knows?
I don't believe this at all, could aliens possibly exist? High chance of it, have they visited us in the past? Maybe. Did they help us build a bunch of shit? No.\n\nThere's no way ancient humans would've been able to communicate with the aliens. And if something like that ever happened then there had to be someone rational whom wrote shit down with detail and archived it for future generations, there's always 1 smart guy whom doesn't immediately thinks that the aliens are gods, angels or what so ever.\n\nNot to mention, are there even any tales of where humans fought aliens in past wars? It's not like all ancient humans would bow down to these aliens. People back then had plenty of their own religion and some even thought they were gods themselves and would've fought them aliens. \n\nAnd do people really think that humans couldn't build shit like the pyramids? Bring me 10,000 workers or slaves and i'll go ahead and build anything for you.
Redzey YouTube
People are dumm if they think other is no living beings out there in that hug frikin universe I mean the god dang galaxy's I mean seriously
Rei Rei
I`m guessing I`m the only one that 100% believes this theory? There are just too many similar monuments and architecture in the world from ancient times. Civilizations that hadn't known of each other have built similar structures. So where did the inspiration come from? I`m guessing its silly to believe in aliens influencing our ancestors but gosh-darn it I believe. I just hope I`m still alive when they or some other species from space makes contact with us.
Riccy R
Stop calling them Gods! That's just crazy. There just alien beings who visited Earth and started all life and manipulated our evolution for there own benefit. It's common sense... -_-
Sam E
Definitely an interesting theory. I don't think it should be discredited so fervently by the scientific community. If interstellar or even intergalactic space travel is possible and there are beings that could potentially exist who are thousands/millions of years more advanced than ourselves, why couldn't they have visited a planet and used it as a genetic testing ground? But yes, there is definitely no hard evidence to suggest it has happened other than these relics. And trying to work out what an ancient civilization meant to portray with these things is only going to be guess work. Perhaps some evidence could be found if major scientific studies were to take place though.
Prometheus much...
Stefanie Vickers
Yes. Humans were modified from apes to be slave labour to the aliens that made us. (to mine gold for them and build structures for them years ago...) Why else do you think humans are easy slaves/ stay in jobs they hate/ do things they don't want to.. Because we were made that way :/
Supreme Leader
It's ignorant to say that out of a billion or so galaxies we are the only planet that harbors any type of life. Therefore, I conclude ... aliens.
Ten ways to spoil dinner
I've always noticed that the ancient aliens hypothesis (because it's really not a theory, in the scientific sense) is defended a lot like god is. Which I suppose only makes sense since these people believe the ancient aliens were gods. \
That One Guy
I believe in aliens, and that they could've visited Earth in our past, but just because they did doesn't mean they helped us with everything that's awesome. Humans are capable of great things, even a single one. I believe people could have built great monuments like the pyramids without some advance technology from the stars.
That one N00b
Interesting. If this some day is proven to be true, well, I don't know... I can't imagine the people's reaction to this.
The Mandarín
I put it like so:\n\nImagine babies in a remote desert island somewhere where nobody goes and they stay there alone not contacted by any humans or any influence like something washing ashore\n\nAll they have growing up is food, clean drinking water and the instinct to know to eat and drink when hungry and thirsty \n\n40 years later somebody finds them\n\nThey speak an unknown language\n\nAnd they also find \nStatues of creatures not found anywhere on the planet\nStrange objects, vehicles, and things if that sort that didn't exist until recently, painted on rocks decades back\nKnowledge of other planets and solar systems\n\nI think even a child could tell that they have been in contact with beings way more advanced or seen things they couldn't possibly know from living in a deserted island they arrived when they were babies\n\nSince they were babies they wouldn't be able to process what they saw long enough to then remember it to be able to draw it when they learned to use their hands by themselves.\n\nThat's no way concrete evidence but it sure make me think about certain tribes around the world and the images they recreated in many ways.
TheEvil Barrel
Comets crashed to earth during the period where the earth began to cool and most likely carried the first water to earth which carried the start of life on earth. So essentially it carried ancient alien life. 
This name is fucking stupid
I always thought the Ancient Alien theory was completely idiotic. Its ''followers'' seem to believe that the ancient humans were dumb, hairy cavemen who couldn't even achieve how to build a mud shelter.\n\nHowever, I also see a lot of religious people bashing the followers of this theory as ''idiots''.. Which is quite hypocrite, since this is no less idiotic than what the Torah, the Quran or the Bible says.\n\n**religious war commencing in 3, 2, 1...**
Its interesting because in all religions all big and powerful people (gods) live in the sky/universe, on the big anciente civilizations they all have pyramids (or much of them) and all religions shra the same point, wich is peace and  wich is ironic cause its what we need on this planet
I think we would need some proof to believe this. Also: I really hate seeing aliens looking like humans (2 eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) because how high is the chance that the evolution of aliens gave them the same properties as humans?!
Uveal Grizzy
what's the song in the background 
Every ancient theory believes gods descended from the sky...not the ground, the sky. this leads me to believe something was coming down from space to visit these ancient civilizations. Because back in their time they had  no clue of how vast space was, right? Hell back then they could think gods came from the depths of the ocean, but its always focused on beings coming from the sky.
Walker Doman
Personally I beileve it it seems extremely possible
Walter White
Damn aliens, always trying to cross the border and what not.
Xyberon Gaming
Aliens DO exist, this universe has about 200 billion galaxies each with hundreds of solar systems, how many worlds could there probably be? Ofcourse most planets in our solar system don't have life on it. But that doesn't mean the other countless solar systems are all lifeless. And yes, we can't know exactly since we're not capable of visiting them, yet. But since our universe has a countless number of planets why couldn't there be a chance that there are a huge number of planets out there with intelligent life on it, and/or non intelligent. I am pretty sure we weren't the first intelligent species in this universe since the big bang, and pretty sure that by now we aren't the only ones. Think about it, think logically, we can't be the only ones.
Yahska Altohbeesak
These videos always creep me out. Great Work!
Whoever believes this is seriously special.
Just look at Puma Punku, thats all the evidence you need Sagan
For a second there I thought I was watching the History Channel
colin florey
+Alltime Conspiracies thank you so much for taking my recommendation into consideration when making this video. It is a truly interesting theory that has it's flaws and strong points as do all theories. If anyone is interested in doing research read the book the chariots of the gods. Also, just for pure inspiration watch the movie Prometheus.
hard evidence? theres no hard evidence of jesus but people still worship his ass
georgio adwan
yes i think it's probably right because i think it's impossible to ancient egyptians to build such pyramids in that time. is my point of vue right ?
honestly, i believe aliens visited us/ are till visiting us.
the bible speaks of fallen angels who interbred with humans and created giants. \n\nwith everything there is evidence to indeed support giants as well as major civilizations before the sumerians. atheistic scholars who know of the evidence either say they dont know or speak about these aliens. however whatever you believe, one thing is for certain mainstream history that is taught in public schools is wrong. it is almost a certainty that there was civilized literate cities long before the sumerians, \n\ni dont believe that they where as advanced as us but i think they where more on par with the romans. 
Go see Ancient Aliens Debunked. this theory is a hoax.
And how about they created us as slaves and then leave us behind and we still are ruled by few of them ?
when you say that aliens visited earth and built all these things you take away the accomplishments of our ancestors....
I don't see why people say \
nick chalhoub
Sounds like a cult, not a conspiracy
Atlantis Wasn't a city it was a space ship...
The global Elite believe this to be true already and carl sagen would think differently if he was still here