A visit from Saturn: What if Saturn flew past the Earth

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Trivia:Saturn's rings were created using Voyager data and Cassini Data, and tables from the IAU, and nasa Interestingly enough, the voyager data and Cassini data did Not completely match each other, More interestingly the differences between the two data sets were not consistent along the ring, specifically the small Gaps along the rings are inconsistent between voyager and cassini. there are 3 conclusions i can reach from this,1, the data is simply not perfectly accurate,2, I interpreted the data incorrectly,3, the Rings have actually changed a bit between voyager and cassini.To create the rings, I interpolated between the two data sets, so the rings are a mix between voyager and cassini data, there are multiple textures used, for scattering, translucency, transparency, and color, I think I probably have some of the highest resolution textures in use anywhere on the web(over 19k pixels across),in Part 1, (the 2d blue print video)the Planets are all correctly scaled to each other, except the SUN.. The Orbits are also all correctly scaled to each other (except the Moon's)However the planet size, and the planet orbits are not scaled to each other. The orbital speeds are also all correct relative to one another,In part 2, The illumination between the moon and Saturn is reasonably accurate, In case you didn't understand, This is Saturn as Far away as the closest approach mars would getin Part 3, the meteors ramp up and down in response to going through the very distended outer rings E, and Gthe Meteors are Greenish, I've actually seen a Number of large daylight meteors, all of them had flashes of green and blue, The velocity and direction they are in the video is accurate to the motion of Saturn in this videoDisclaimer:This will.. never never ever happen, ever (probably).

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