A visit from Saturn: What if Saturn flew past the Earth

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Trivia:Saturn's rings were created using Voyager data and Cassini Data, and tables from the IAU, and nasa Interestingly enough, the voyager data and Cassini data did Not completely match each other, More interestingly the differences between the two data sets were not consistent along the ring, specifically the small Gaps along the rings are inconsistent between voyager and cassini. there are 3 conclusions i can reach from this,1, the data is simply not perfectly accurate,2, I interpreted the data incorrectly,3, the Rings have actually changed a bit between voyager and cassini.To create the rings, I interpolated between the two data sets, so the rings are a mix between voyager and cassini data, there are multiple textures used, for scattering, translucency, transparency, and color, I think I probably have some of the highest resolution textures in use anywhere on the web(over 19k pixels across),in Part 1, (the 2d blue print video)the Planets are all correctly scaled to each other, except the SUN.. The Orbits are also all correctly scaled to each other (except the Moon's)However the planet size, and the planet orbits are not scaled to each other. The orbital speeds are also all correct relative to one another,In part 2, The illumination between the moon and Saturn is reasonably accurate, In case you didn't understand, This is Saturn as Far away as the closest approach mars would getin Part 3, the meteors ramp up and down in response to going through the very distended outer rings E, and Gthe Meteors are Greenish, I've actually seen a Number of large daylight meteors, all of them had flashes of green and blue, The velocity and direction they are in the video is accurate to the motion of Saturn in this videoDisclaimer:This will.. never never ever happen, ever (probably).

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If Saturn flew into the sun, it would eat Earth and Mars and Venus and Mercury if they were in the right places, right? But, could it be eaten by Jupiter if it passed into Jupiter’s orbit close to the planet? \n\nSomeone Science-y explain this. 😂
100,000 subs with no videos ;-;
ABPotato 1
Y is saturn bigger than the sun??
Andrew X
dUDe plEASE Do noT MESs wITH My anXIEtY LIKe thAt
Augustus Spiros
Saturn is just here to give us cassini back
I wish we had close planets like in the movie avatar the sky looks amazing with those ginormous planets in the sky
Ayesha Irfan
Anybody else move back from their screens when Saturn came super close?
Azrxiaa Roblox
3:09 dEd..
How could be the view up the International space station :O
Bart Stewart
Terrific! Loved it. \n(May not be suitable for people with a phobia for really big objects.)
Bear and gorilla Bros
When the rings touched the ground It would kill the filmer
Bella Playz
Saturn: \
Why didnt Saturn go on a date with Jupiter\n\n\n\n\n\n\nJumper is too *gassy*
Brandon Greene
The Planet Rap\n\nSun: I'm the sun I got so much gravity, thanks to that, the planets orbit around me\nMercury: hello Mercury here small earths moon-\nMoon: yo!\nMercury: I can feel my hot and cold and I spin very slow\nVenus: I'm Venus I got mountains and volcanos of spray, I'm the same size as earth but spin the opposite way.\nEarth: I'm earth I'm the home to every boy and girl.\nStars: such a beautiful, beautiful, world. \nMars: I'm Mars the red planet I got pillars of ice, I got two moon wow that's so nice\nJupiter:im Jupiter why don't you look on the belt, why the belt you see? I pull on the belt with my massive gravity\nSaturn: I'm Saturn im nicknamed the Ring Planet, why? I have rings but people say they are made of milk, what a lie\nUranus: I'm Uranus, I say that with pride ok I lied. I'm embarrassed cuz I'm the only planet lying on the side\nNeptune: I'm Neptune I'm windy dark cold and mysterious, you better bring an umbrella, im serious
Brody Recollet
( • _ • )
Brownie Boss
4:32 Saturn eclipse
Callum Carnan
Is there a galactic war going on \n2:20-4:10
Chris Pridemore
Go home Saturn, you're drunk.
Dan Rodriguez
Saturn has got to look way better
Daniel James
I was expecting to hear aliencore as saturn passed...
Danielle Lotu
Omg, so scary, but beautiful.
hello and goodbye saturn :v
Domina Maxima
Yes, thank you Vsauce. This is a damn cool channel.
Doonut ._.
EVER 957.000
I know this isn't real and saturn is just animated but, ¡¡EVEN THE FREAKIN' CAMERA MOVEMENT IS ANIMATED!!
Efrain Perez
I know your cat is so cute
Eggnogs too much
Guy: It's a bird!\nPerson: It's a plane!\nMe: No, it's a Saturn! RUN!!! RUN FROM YOUR LIFES!!!
Fardin Mahzoob
The moon orbits the saturn. The saturn is the largest planet with rings.
2:20 HOLY
Francisco Silva
Galaxy Blue
Twinkle twinkle little star? More like twinkle twinkle big planet ;-;
Earth will explode because\n\nsaturn ring is made out gas and rocks so the ring will hit earth and everthing will explode
Gem Samson
Wait did i just miss this?
Hamster Goodness
Haya L
I’ve come back here after remembering how creepy this was
It’s Mariah
Bill Nye the- Oh sorry wrong channel.
James Paolo de leon
Jareth Gawain
I'm not saying I want the world to end, but if it did, I'd want it to end like this.
Jonathan Alfaro
What is Jupiter visites Earth?\n\n\n\n\n\nWe will all get crushed
Josephbeb Josephbenedictztorres
Earth : saturn come here \nSaturn : ok\nMoon : saturn Is so big \nEarth : yeah \nSaturn : coming \nMoon : earth RUN \nEarth : OK ok
Junk Mail
Who else experienced some serious anxiety when they saw Saturn up close?
Kids Kids
Look at 3:28
Kim Jong Trump
I remember when this happened. Me and my grandfather had been preparing for months for this. My grandfather had been waiting for Saturn passing by earth since he was a child. Unfortunately that they the weather was cloudy so we missed everything. I'm happy to finally found a video of someone who taped it all. When will Saturn pass earth next time? It's a shame that my grandfather is no longer with us to see it when it happens he next time.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nYeah it's a joke, chill out.
Kim Parish
Saturn are getting close to the earth. Falling star follow Saturn?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Lalisa Blackpink
What a great sight.
Laugh Out Loud XD
Yeti is trying to say.\nSaturn is bigger than the sun
3:10 well i’m dead
Leo Palin
It would be phenomenal if you somehow made this in VR 360. Bet people could pass out of sheer anxiety from seeing something like this. \n\nAwesome job on the vid btw. Probably the best animation of this sort on youtube. High praise! 👍👍👍
That was so awesome I need to change my underwear.
Lichtblick Vegan
amazing animation :O
Limp Bimp
You forgot to say we would all die radiation poisoning
I wish i was a planet... Nevermind i wish i was a deity.
Maccas Sam
Mango Cat
Is this fake it look fake to me
MarGameZ l Animation Machinima & Gaming
I missed the part where this was fake right at the beginning... I thought that was a genuine shot of Saturn \
Marshmallow Kitten
2:46 and for the rest of the clip:\nMe: \
Matthew Webere
Yeti Dynamics Is This Taken In West Virginia Or Southern Ohio \nIf It Is It Is Going To Happen Yay And Earth How Dare You Scold My Son And Moon Cries And The Saturn Is Coming Guys Evacuate Now
Meiah Sullivan
Not gonna lie, this was scary..
Meme Lord
Go big or go home\n- Saturn
Mike Dragon
Man, space is SO freaking cool! But also so scary! D:
Munyee Wong
cool rings
Nelson Ferrer
Saturn is a basketball player it has it's rings
Outlasting and Observing
Is it normal that I am feared at the part when the saturn just crosses the earth D:
Pinky Jessi
My profile
PokeDiger is the beat
So scaryyy
Punisher BH
Saturn we know you want hugs but you'll kill us
Raja Taris
True or not?
Scs Gamerplayz
Saturn- hi Earth how are ya doing pal \nEarth- don't ask !! But why are you here Saturn?? \nSaturn- you know just chilling around I was just so bored with huge Jupiter (can't hardly see his face) and Uranus just trying to swim on its sides. \nEarth- soo\nSaturn-so that's why I am here you know see u guys and just explore space and just say hi to father sun maybe even ask him to come near my orbit maybe then I'll support life\nEarth- what life cannot exist on you you don't have oxygen fool and sun won't come near you it will stay where it is \nSaturn- :( oh \nEarth - don't be sad pal humans are so harmful good thing that you don't have them. \nSaturn - yes thanks \nEarth - go back to you orbit please \nSaturn - sorry I but I just found out that I can't stop :-0\nEarth - oh can't do anything ab that don't worry I won't be in you funeral \nSaturn - I will miss the sun don't worry gonna see the space .......\nFew moments later - saturn became so exited that he exploded...\nEarth - dying out of laughter\nHumans - floating in space \n\nThe end 😑
Sdarms111 Doug
Beautifully done
Dude this video was absolutely amazing! Keep it up man! Your so amazing!
Seif Hossam
That won't happen
Wouldn’t Saturn lose its rings while it’s moving?
3:09 ur welcome
Space Boi
Saturn-chan is attacking lol
person: its a bird!\nperson: its a plane!\nme: ITS SATURN! RUN!! HOLY GOD
Swizop HD
Fake or Real?
I like your editing skills bro 😁👍
The Art Channel
That's super cool :D
The Rogue Wolf
Saturn: \
Uh Uh
am i the only one who find these videos scary?
Why was Borris my favorite part of the video
aaron diangkinay
Hey Saturn why u visiting our planet ur not Invited!!😂😂😂
aloneboy 1223007
watching Saturn grow and grow until it was nearly right on the earth made my heart rate increase and I almost had an anxiety attack from watching it. Am I the only one?? Do I have a phobia of some sort? This always happens to me when I see similar images to this.
emily starr
Saturn is my planetary ruler. Capricorn ❤
ender _ 303
Earth: 😢😢😢 poor moon he died because he burned out after asking out the Sun\n*Earth sees Saturn and says*\nOh Saturn are you here to replace the Moon?\nSaturn: no I'm going to ask out the sun.\nEarth: don't do it moon burned to death while doing that so don't do it\nSaturn: nothing bad will happen and by the way you shouldn't ask Jupiter to replace the moon for his vacation he sucks at it\nJupiter: I HEARD THAT!!!\n*Jupiter and Saturn argue until they don't notice that Neptune goes to ask out the Sun*\n*sun accepts his question*\nJupiter and Saturn: ...\nSaturn: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!\nPluto: hahaha\nEarth: and this is why we don't let you get into arguments with Jupiter
jaze mathieu
EMOTIONS OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM: 😄 Sun:big and proud 😣 Mercury:dizzied or confused 😖 Venus:exhausted of rotating backwards 😇 Earth:care-ful nice and happy 😨Mars:embarrassed cuz no water 😈 Jupiter:evil cuz he is the biggest \n😆Saturn:exited or happy cuz or his rings 😴 Uranus:sleepy and tired because his upside down 😒Neptune:worried cuz he wants pluto to be the ninth planet 😞Pluto: sad and broken hearted because he Been demoted to a dwarf status
lazy lasanga
Saturn: Hey Earth!\n\nEarth: Oh dear,\n\nVenus: Dear mother Sun- Why is he here?\n\nEarth: Don't ask me!\n\nSaturn: What is the up, brotha'!\n\nEarth: Jesus, he's using human slang.- Heyy man!\n\nSaturn: I just wanted to stop by and say \
littlefunneh loverfan
Damnnnnn if that was true I would touch the ring and jump and try to get on it cause it's my favorite planet! And try to get in Saturn...
nicely naughty
wow!!!!!! it's awesome!!!!!
love the editing.
Spectacular.. 👍👍
ziki ardani
real life universe sanbox.
ᎴᏗᏒᏦ lιllү
Do Jupiter and uranus