Gurren Lagann Parallel Works #12 Goodbye Dai-Gurren

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Gimmy and Darry find a series of mysterious doors in the under belly of Dai-Gurren. The video used is the property of its owners it is not meant for infringement I own nothing. Fair use.


Cristian Reyes
damn did they die in this universe
Derpy Hooves Anime
wow is a similar cartoon of Alicia
Erika Bryan
OMG is this a Murakami reference???
Kids, say no to drugs
Little Hyena
Never explore gimme
Luke Storm
well the memories are still there right? it's just contained in the original gurren.
Isto é ouro
Sand Bag
The music that's playing is \
Translation of the dialogue in Dai-Gurren, Goodbye:\n\nDoes it look like they can win the war?\nI'm going to make a snack now\nYou'll have some too, right?\nI have tea too\nThere's everything here\n\nI'd like some alcohol too, but I don't have anymore\nI was lying before, there's really nothing here\nThose are old memories\nOld memories of an old world\nThis is a library\nI know. I've known for quite a while now\nThat it will be over soon\n*scratches himself* Fleas\nIt's okay, I can't complain\nBesides, old memories\naren't needed by anyone anymore\n\nTaking them out isn't allowed......\nSorry\nIt's too bad, I can't go with you\nBut I'm glad I was able to meet you two in the end\n\nGoodbye
what did he tell them?!?!?!
francisco jose gonzalez lupiañez
What's the song called?
none, the wiser
That was some straight up Monsters Inc. stuff right there.